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Poani Ltd. is an organization of very well-experienced and certified professionals who are offering a wide list of architectural rendering services, interior design ideas and options for new builds in London. The company is created to fulfil every customer’s expectations personally so don’t worry if your visions are specific. With the help of Poani Ltd., you can make whatever you wish with your existing property. You can increase its value if you are planning to sell, you can refurbish it into the latest standards with some of the best and most modern interior design ideas or if you still don’t own a place maybe this is the option for you to build your new dream small house in London. The prices are extremely good and convenient for any type of spending plan so don’t worry about that either.
Visit the official website of Poani to check out the options for new builds in London or take a look at the full rundown of features that you are able to take advantage of. The support service of the organization is online 24h a day and you can reach it on 020 8243 8935 at any point of the day or night for a free quote.

New Builds London

Take advantage of some of the most affordable new builds in London and make your dream small house real. With the amazing architectural services of Poani now, everything is possible!

Interior Design Ideas

With the amazing interior design ideas of Poani Ltd., you can refurbish your place just to the way you want if you are already bored with the same old look. You can also take advantage of amazing staircase or kitchen designs that will increase your property’s value with thousands of dollars if you are planning to sell it.

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10 Chatfield Road, Constance Court, Battersea, London


10 Chatfield Road, Constance Court, Battersea, London, UK
020 8243 8935

phone: 020-8243-8935
email: sales@poani.com

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Poani is waiting for your quotes 24h a day so don’t hesitate to reach the team with a call or e-mail at any point of the day or night.

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